Thursday, September 26, 2019

3 years ago today painting I am a man, On Guard For Thee

Day 5 painting my 22nd painting "On Guard for Thee" during my 117th outdoor #FireAndRain art show. Guests who dropped by to watch and hear my story included a Chief of Staff, 4 young women and a baby who brought me some coffee, 1 Sheriff, a school teacher and a media relations guy who took several of my business cards. One man in a suit and tie complimented the layout being nonsymmetrical. Here are some of the goals I hope to accomplish with my painting: I hope to capture the generosity and the human spirit of Albertans who put aside their political differences last May to help out other Albertans during the Fort McMurray wildfires and later flooding.Inspired in part by the Alberta Sheriffs who defended my freedom to express myself with art on the Legislature grounds.The placards represent the colours of the Medicine Wheel and of the 4 directions of ALL PEOPLE here on mother earth. I am a man is painted on the back of the canvas - As a historical reminder of the Memphis sanitation strike citing years of poor treatment, discrimination, dangerous working conditions, and the horrifying deaths of Echol Cole and Robert Walker who were crushed inside a garbage truck. As a result some 1300 black sanitation workers walked off the job in protest. They all carried WHITE PLACARDS with I AM A MAN... I'll be back at painting this tomorrow around noon... Free the Little man /ART

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