Thursday, June 30, 2016

He noticed the dangerous looking clouds coming in ...

Thunder Cloud, June 2016 #9

June 30, 2016 Ponoka Alberta: Rob, who was with his family at the Ponoka Stampede, says he noticed the dangerous looking clouds coming in, as his family was on a ride at the time. My children were pretty frightened, but they were extremely brave, so we were really proud of them and tried to keep them calm. Once we got into the car and started heading towards Edmonton then we definitely felt much more relieved. It’s the first time we’ve had that close an encounter.” 630CHED

YouTube Thunder Cloud painted outdoors during a rain storm

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Queen Elizabeth Park Wildfire, Edmonton River Valley

Queen Elizabeth Park Wildfire 
 6 weeks later, May 2016 #8

June 19, 2016 Edmonton: First strokes of paint are added to my 8th. Fire and Rain painting titled Queen Elizabeth Park Wildfire, 6 weeks after fire burned through the park. Today I hiked 10 kilometers carrying my easel and backpack through a thunderstorm, then later during hot windy conditions. The thick layers of compost leaves had completely burned away leaving a rich top soil with new saplings already poking through the ground. The bark along the trunks of the trees were blackened but not enough to kill the trees. 

March 21, 2017: Today I gave this painting "Queen Elizabeth Park Wildfire 6 weeks later" to Julie Franz and Lorne Murfitt as a gift. The painting is about mother nature's renewal of life after a forest fire.

May 13, 2016: Edmonton Fire Rescue continues to tackle small brush fires in and around the city. The latest was called in at 5:45 Thursday evening in the wooded area between Kinsmen and Queen Elizabeth parks in the river valley. Spokesperson for Edmonton Fire Rescue Shani Gwin describes the response. Fresh Radio 95.3

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Outdoor Art Shows in June

June 24, 2016 - Today's 47th early morning outdoor art show took place outside the WORKS art festival on the corner of Sir Winston Churchill Square, 100 Street and 102 Avenue.

June 24, 2016 -  Afternoon Alberta Legislature grounds next to Prospect Point.

Civil Information Leaflet

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Support and Encouragement on the Picket Line

Thank you Ilyaas Macalin for your wisdom, encouragement and special kind of friendship during my art shows. السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎‎

June 15, 2016 : Sheriff welcome Syrians new to Canada and later witness their first picket for freedom of expression by the Legislature

May 15, 2016 Syrian refugees in Edmonton step up to help Fort McMurray fire evacuees: “I know the pain,” said Morhaf Aldiri, who is leading the fundraising campaign. Syrian refugees living in Canada for a matter of months are among those raising funds to support victims of the Fort McMurray fire. Morhaf Aldiri, who arrived in Edmonton in February, said Albertans have been so kind to him that he simply had to do something to give back. "When I came it was very difficult," said Aldiri. "Another country, I don't know anything, any people, but lots of people help and help me, so it's very nice." Alidiri, 25, knows what it's like to lose everything. He and his family had to run for their lives when their house was hit by a bomb in their home city of Daraa, Syria, in 2013.

Doug Brinkman, Citizen free News

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Second Verbal Ban on Art Prompts Second Picket

"Art on the Alberta Legislature grounds is inappropriate!"- Sergeant-at-Arms, Brian Hodgson

June 14, 2016 - After today’s noon hour outdoor art show at the Legislature I was confronted by the Sergeant-at-Arms who said my showing art on the Alberta Legislature grounds was inappropriate and that I would have to stop. He also criticized the work I do as a citizen news reporter publishing news stories on YouTube. For a second time this year, I was told by an official of the Alberta Legislature that I could not freely express my art on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature. ​I launched my second picket.

The Poet & Judge, We First Nations, Métis and Inuit, March 30, 2015 
June 15, 2016:This painting was briefly added to the Fire and Rain art project in February and later in June and July to picket the Alberta Government. I defended my right to freely express art on the Alberta Legislature grounds. The July picket only lasted 3 days and ended when a Sheriff intervened during my picket on the steps of the Alberta Legislature and said that I already had a written agreement that allows me to freely paint and show art on the grounds, from a Ministry of Infrastructure official in March of this year. I ended my picket and returned to doing art shows on the grounds. The sheriffs, to whom I am grateful, had intervened twice during the 3 times I picketed the Alberta Government and have been friendly and courteous each time I'm around painting or showing my art freely.