Wednesday, September 2, 2020


2016 Fire and Rain art collection
Alberta wildfires and floods

Wildfire - January 2016, next to Edmonton City Hall's ice rink

Three Trees by the Premiers Office - March 1, 2016
First Day Painting after art ban lifted 
Wood Buffalo Wildfire - Alberta Legislature Art Show and Tell
Fort McMurray - The Beast, 5 PM May 3, 2016
Fort McMurray Surreal - Doors, Jack Bush has anxiety attack
Photo: Honeymoon in Jasper National Park
Jasper Park, excelsior creek wildfire aftermath 

NBC Reporting on the Alberta's Wildfires 
The Great Escape - Fort McMurray Wildfire

Queen Elizabeth Park wildfire 6 weeks later
El-Nino , La-Nina 2016
North Saskatchewan River Rising - Edmonton Queen
(Re-Painted Over)

Fire and Rain Outdoor Old Strathcona Art Show and Tell
Six Painted White Roses I Gave to Friends and Foes
3 paintings of pink and red roses were added and given away
Alberta Legislature Art Show and Tell with 6 white rose
 #AbLeg Former Forestry and Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier
Supported my first day picketing for freedom of expression 

Alberta Legislature Fire Hydrant
Outdoor Alberta Legislature art show and tell
Fire and Rain - Circles and Squares
I am a man, on guard for thee

On Guard For Thee 

Water and Oil is Life Non Violence, 
November 2016. The (Hon) Jason Kenney
Painted on location while following an anti pipeline protest,
 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Crumpling Umbrella

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016 Today my fiance Sarah and I were married under a big tree I had painted behind the Alberta Legislature. All day it threatened to rain for our wedding ceremony but instead, we were shrouded in wildfire smoke. On a clear day, the High-Level Bridge in the background of this photo my daughter took would have easily been seen on a clear day.
July 15, 2015: Mother Nature tempers raging wildfire in Maligne Valley. Rain and cooler temperatures continue to help fire crews fight the Excelsior Wildfire burning out of control in the Maligne Valley, about 15 kilometres south east of Jasper. The fire, suspected to be caused by a lightning strike, was first reported on July 9 around 3:30 p.m. and forced more than 1,000 people to flee the picturesque valley over the course of two days. With the more recent rain and continued cooler temperatures it’s definitely helped to continue to slow the Excelsior Wildfire,” said Kim Weir, fire communications officer for Jasper National Park. "It certainly isn’t as intense as last Thursday or Friday. This has provided us an opportunity to attack the fire directly.” Initially, the fire was too intense to allow firefighters on the ground and bucketing water from the air proved pointless because the fire was too powerful to control with small amounts of water. After overnight rainfall on Friday, Parks Canada was finally able to put people on the ground on Saturday. The fire runs along the flanks of Medicine Lake and extends along its southwest side toward Excelsior Creek, explained Weir. It crossed Maligne Lake Road at the north end of the lake and burned the slopes along part of the road, near the Medicine Lake lookout. In a rare bit of good news, an eagle’s nest at Medicine Lake appears to have survived the fire, despite the tree it’s perched on being partially burned. "I heard from at least two folks that the eaglet was on the nest,” said Weir. Jasper's Independent Newspaper Jasper FitzHugh

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 - First Fire and Rain painting
Painted next to the ice rink by Edmonton City Hall