Friday, September 30, 2016

On guard for thee

On guard for thee September 27, 2016 #21
 Final painting my tribute painting to the Alberta Sheriffs

I am a man Backside of #22
Back side of On guard for thee #21

Pencil sketch study of a lone sheriff standing on guard.

5 AM this morning preparing my canvas for a painting

Preparing to paint on the Legislature grounds

September 21, 2016: 5 AM this morning I prepared a canvas using a projector and sketch study I drew last week during one of my outdoor art shows in front of the Alberta Legislature. Titled Stand on guard for thee, this painting will become the new signature image and the last painting to be added to the Fire and Rain art collection. It best represents the spirit of ordinary Albertans as a whole coming together defending, protecting and providing for others during times of sorrow, tribulations and calamities such as the wildfires, storms and flooding this year in Alberta. The spirit of Albertans during times of trouble became a beacon of light and hope for others in need. The Alberta Sheriffs have been very supportive of my efforts to express art on the Legislature grounds.

September, 23, 24 YouTube: Waiting for the paint to dry,  Stand on guard for thee Day 3 and 4 painting. It continued being challenging with the gusty winds.

September, 25: Accomplished Edmonton graphic artist Wei Yew encourages Alberta artists to pass on what they've learned over a lifetime to others. During the Provincial Police and Peace Officer Memorial Day Ceremony held across the street, I had lots of visitors stop by to watch me paint and hear the stories about the Fire and Rain project. Several families, MLA Dr. Bob Turner and the award winning graphic designer Wei Yew stopped by and shared stories about the Provincial Police & Peace Officer Memorial Monument that he designed in 2006. Wei Yew's Website

YouTube: The painting of On guard for thee and I Am a Man

 No Photos Please: September, 30: What an exciting day it was for me when I displayed my 14 paintings from the 22 completed this year using the Alberta Legislature building as a background. These 14 will continue to represent The 2016 Fire and Rain art project and be shown outdoors for the rest of the year and into 2017, God willing. What was even more thrilling for me today was a graduation class of about 10 students along with their instructor asking if they could pose with my paintings for a photo. "Absolutely" I said, "it would be an honour" as we snapped away a few pictures of the class including one photo where each student along with their instructor held my paintings up high over their heads. Later that day my phone rang and the voice of that same instructor on the other end sadly said “Would you delete all those photos you took of us today, as my supervisor said I should not have done that and he wants them all deleted” Of course I deleted the photos, but that moment of joy we all shared together as strangers can never be deleted from our hearts as we all had a sense of accomplishment this day. Not everyone likes to see other people happy just as I experienced several times this year by unwelcoming Legislature officials including the Alberta Legislature's unapologetic Sergeant-at-Arms who verbally banned the Fire and Rain art project last spring from being shared with others on the Alberta Legislature grounds.

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